Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Brief Hiatus

Thanks to the competitive nature of our world nowadays, yours truly had to take leave for the past few days to among others things sit for exams. What I observed is the natural fear of human beings or is it Kenyans of anything with the term ‘exams’ in it. There were some brave ones who even requested a take-away and I almost fell off my seat from how funny that sounded. I’ll not celebrate early though.
I’d also the chance to attend Marketers’ Night where one Mr. Idy Enang Commercial Director-Cadbury Nigeria Plc who talked about Personal Branding and even noted accomplished sports personalities who have managed to live beyond their active careers and still make money or a living out of their ‘self’- who would have known that George Foreman has barbecue jikos named after him? It was an interesting talk though Mr. Kalombo may want to add a few more names who will give more than a sales pitch for their companies or products. I would also suggest a quick-fire quiz next time, with mobile telephony there’s bound to be Google and Wikipedia to the rescue…...how else would explain guys getting the distance between the Earth and the Moon to the nearest 10th of a mile? It’s a great event on the whole and worth any marketer’s time.
As it is, we’re back streaming!

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