Thursday, 4 September 2008

Football –go gaga!

With the football season in Europe back as the summer break’s ended, Kenyan football is almost ending its season. Of importance for now, is the upcoming World Cup-cum-Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers with Kenya’s Harambee Stars facing the Namibian team. Back in May, Kenya seemed to have lost its direction only for the team to stage a turn-around and win 3 of its last matches (against Guinea and Zimbabwe).
After changing coaches and getting to rally local supporters in the home games, the Stars have regained a respectable position and are now seen as one of the most likely teams to proceed in the group.
While this has helped raise the profile of the game locally, much needs to be done on the technical and relevant support for the local teams to be able to provide fodder for the national team. After watching a few local games, I’m sure this can be done and with the right team, Kenya can be in the World Cup in 2010.
The local fans have streamed with enthusiasm to the national teams games and are slowly getting back to the locally played league games. TV stations and local radio stations are fighting over who should screen the fixtures (media wars between 2 local stations, KTN and KBC over who should have exclusive rights to screen it-though I’m sure KTN would hope to borrow from DSTv which will screen the game as part of their support to the local game).
This should be exciting if the Stars win since every corporate firm would want to be associated with the team –KDN has already committed KShs. 3 million- out of which 1 million goes to team if they win Saturday’s game.
Coming hot on the heels of Kenya’s success in the Olympics, the local boys will hope to keep our hopes high and also enjoy the trappings of success. Surely who wouldn’t want to see their team in the World Cup? Kenya is currently ranked at position 86, can't wait boys for you to break the 80s barrier before end year.I would go gaga!

The local football scene still needs a lot of improvement to move from current almost mediocre standards to better standards. Thus said, the flurry of sackings and team realignments are worrying. The KFF and KPL whichever runs the league and national team are also looking desperate as each tries to outdo each other. We better take note of this because if the team qualifies then all hell breaks loose in our rather uncouth football management.
And for all those corporate firms wishing to put their money into football, better know what and who you're dealing with.
Otherwise, we'll keep enjoying more of the European football from the comfort of our seats.

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