Thursday, 4 September 2008

Corporate hypocrisy

After Kenya’s success in the Olympic Games, almost all Kenyan corporate firms are falling over themselves looking for this or that reason to identify with the team. I heard an advert about some insect killer associating with Kenyan runners and how its killing action will have the same effect on household pests…how crazy! All good if the KShs reach our local stars and, even more pleasing if the money’s invested in the development of the different sports. But is it happening? NO!
Kenyan captain and 800m gold medalist noted that while the athletes are rewarded for their performance, it is also important to also consider rewarding the technical personnel. It would also be prudent if the Government to invest heavily in sport he noted.
Earlier I said to NO to the question because as you would see, some athletes complained about a locally-based multinational using the athletes’ images without remunerating them with any form of consideration- though they handed out gifts to the medalists as they joined the gravy train of Kenyan companies.
While the rewards serve to motivate the athletes and encouraging young upcoming ones, they end up losing meaning in the long-term if there is no continuity and longevity in the investment in sport. This is what has helped most countries and sports associations develop top events and be able to deliver such spectacles as the Olympics and the World Cup. Until that happens in Kenya, I will term this as sheer opportunistic!

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