Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Rugby Kenya style

I don't know what our Kenyan boys are taking for breakfast these days but they better make sure it remains like that. On Sunday the boys rose to the occasion and proved they are not flukes anymore.
I guess buoyed by the Safari Sevens victory and also the success of the 7s team, the 15-a-side had to raise their game. Most members anyway come from the 7s team and as such they only had to re-group from their disastrous visit to Yaounde last year when they were thrown around like some last year. The hosts then accomodated them at some dinghy hotel, made sure they were harassed by Cameroonian officials and also trained on some gravel ground.
Well they avenged their blushes and won comprehensively 76-8 on Sunday even after 24 hour delay from the Cameroonian. Kenya now faces Tunisia in the next match hoping to top the group and qualify.
Kenya hoiyee !

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