Friday, 11 July 2008

Elevate 2008

It's time to elevate !...That's the theme for the 3-on-3 street-ball basketball tournaments this time around. Coming after a 9 year hiatus ( back then it was the Spriteball 3-on-3 ), this has been one of the best tourneys to attract youth into the game of basketball. Apart from the crazy names accorded to the teams playing, the styles too are out of this world along with enormous reservoirs of talent. How this tournament has taken this long to be back on the street only the top Kenya Basketball officials and basketball aficionados can answer !
An acquitance of mine had made an effort to hold these tournaments annually but the then KBF officials lacked the vision and will to let him do it frustrating him and eventually leaving him disillusioned.I do hope this time the officials can use these tournaments to harness local talent and make it an annual event.
This year's Elevate 2008 tour will include;
- 3-on-3 streetball,
- MC battling,
- DJ cuts, and entertainment with barbecue settings for your usual bourgeousie lifestyle associated with the game
First up will be Sadili Oval Sports Club hosting the Nairobi kick-off.
The Sprite soda brand is the main sponsor back again supporting the game which it has been closely associated with. HomeBoyz Entertainment under its events management branch will ensure the events run smoothly and also support much of the media coverage/presence. Capital FM and Hot 96 are the other radio stations hoped to hype up the event.

The battle's on ! As Bono of U2 would say......Elevation !

Image of Spriteball '99

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