Friday, 20 June 2008

Safari Sevens Weekend

One of the more celebrated sporting events of the year in the country starts today at the RFUEA grounds on Ngong Road. For the uninitiated, this is one event you find the so-called middle class flocking the grounds to imbibe while cheering their favourite teams. It's also a weekend out for the ladies trying to flaunt their latest trends and also show off a bit of flesh ( woooooooo....even in this cold conditions !).
But for the majority who understand the game, this is time to see the local boys go head-to-head with some good talent in the rugby 7s world. After doing the IRB Sevens series the local team or teams if you separate the Senior team with the Shujaa one(juniors), our boys need to raise their level of the game and win the title which has eluded them for 3 years running. Some may say it's good if the local team doesn't win since international participants will get enticed to come back and defend their title. I'd think it's OK to win the trophy to retain the local following as well as prove their exposure and skill in the game.
Judging from the season the senior team had in the series, they should challenge for the Main Cup Finals and hopefully win it. But they have to watch the Fijians, Bristol University and the Emerging Boks from South Africa who last year. This should be a feast for the eyes and a great outing for those who still have a few cents in these trying times for our local economy.

Interesting Information:
- The Fiji team fills in the void left from the entertaining Samoans who featured last year and had promised to be back only to cancel sometime in April.

-Given the traffic chaos experienced in Nairobi lately, you might be advised to arrive early. Alternatively wear your favourite sports shoes and track-suits and be ready to walk.

- The event has attracted suprise performances from the likes of Lauryn Hill in the 90s and also Femi Kuti of the Bang Bang fame. Will there be another this year ? Hints ?

- This year's tournament has attracted over 11 sponsors with the main boys being Africa Online, Virgin Atlantic,Keringet as well as the Tusker Brand.

- The events is run under Tusker Sports- the sports management organisation set up by East Africa Breweries to manage and oversee the sports discipline which the Tusker brand sponsors.

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