Thursday, 19 June 2008

Athletics Kenya gets into trouble over training camp

Sometime ago I commented on this blog on the need for the Athletics Kenya to effectively control their athletes at the training camps set up for major championships. I was for the idea of having them set up shop for at least 2-3 months prior to the Games.
Now one IAAF official is taking the opposite view opining that Kenya has a reservoir of athletes from which to choose from. He added that individual athletes' 'talents should not be suppressed'.
OK, AK may have taken it too far by suggesting that they would expel coaches(both local and international) who will not release their athletes for Olympic training by Wednesday.This was to build team work as Isaiah Kiplangat implied. That's seriously off-colour and not possible. There are better ways of building team-work and I guess these guys should consult the Rugby Sevens team and partly the football team too.
But on the training bit for athletes, I concur with AK that they should report to the training camps early enough. I will rue the officials falling victim to coaches and agents wishing to make a quick buck from our countrymen.
I'm banking on Kenya producing one of the most sterling performances this Olympics. So please don't mess my Olympic holiday dreams !

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