Friday, 20 June 2008

Mafans !

With the Internet coming of age in Kenya, we in the sporting fraternity are also experiencing some sort of renaissance. Sports in this country usually takes a back seat unless obviously the Harambee Stars are winning or our athletes are running in some major athlete meet. Other disciplines are usually by-the-ways unless Kenya wins or is making good progress.
Now some innovative thinking Kenyans have decided to come up with a forum to gather sports loving Kenyans and mobilise the numbers into attending major sporting events not just in the local scene but also those that feature Kenyans teams abroad. This is some way to go for those who appreciate sports and are not in it just for the drinking and joy-rides. I particularly like the name they have given the protocol :
It's a start and there is sprucing up to be done and can also get more local content than is currently having but I guess there is a will and a way. The photos have given it much mileage and with sports 'image is everything'!
I'll be subscribing and looking forward to some interesting times in our local stadia and sporting arenas. Come join the ride....MAFANS MKO WAPI !


Anonymous said...

Tuko papa hapa. Hii Nairobi ni ya mafans wote. Keep the Peace

The Figure said...

Hi Anon,
This has been a long time coming. I almost didn't see your comments. Mko poa I see !
Just keep blogging and throw more comments and ideas every once in a while. Thanks !