Friday, 30 May 2008

Top 10 Earning Sportsmen

$$$ & you can take that to the bank ! This is what sports business has become. Where else does a lad come through only in his second season and signs an endorsement deal worth $20 million with the a shoe company? Adding to that shoe business where else does one retire not once but thrice from the same sport & still earns in excess of $31 million ?
Yeah had to be Sports ! True most of the money is well-deserved but some of it just sounds outrageous. Now check the list below of top 10 earners for the year 2007 and see whose signature we can be after for those fat cheques !

1. Tiger Woods ($100 million-Golf)- thanks in part to a well-dominated sport by Tiger together with endorsements left,right and centre. He has also been on top of his game even with the dip in form after the death of his dad.

2. Oscar De La Hoya ($43 million-Boxing)- this shrewd boxer has outboxed Don Kings to become one of the most sort after boxing promoters. What helps too is his charisma and showmanship during his boxing years. Last year he organised the biggest fights so far between one of his former opponents now stable boy, Floyd Mayweather & Ricky Hatton.

3. Phil Mickelson ($42 million-Golf)- his is a consistent chase for Tiger's position as well as worthy endorsements with Ford and Exxon.

4. Kimi Raikkonen ($40 million-Motorsport)- Thanks to the retirement of Schumacher and also the belief in his abilities by the Ferrari team making him the current highest paid Formula One driver.

5. Michael Schumacher ($36 million-Motorsport)- Had I said he retired ? Well, it was sort of leaving the field not wishing to ruin the shine off his sterling career. He's the most successful Formula One driver of our time and so too are his earnings.

6. David Beckham ($33 million-Football)- After helping Real to title last year's 2006-7 season, he quickly flew to the US thanks to some sports marketers who think the most photogenic footballer (Americans say soccer player) can lure fans to watch the game there. He also has serious endorsements with Adidas, Gillette to name but a few.

7. Kobe Bryant ($33 million-Basketball)- He is currently one of the best players gracing the game. Thanks also to endorsements made to Nike (after initially having done Adidas sneakers). Have you checked out his 'Jump over Aston Martin advert' or even the one he jumps over a pool of snakes ?

8. Shaquille O'Neal ($32 million-Basketball)- Another basketballer who's seemingly in the sunset of his career. He was traded in the last regular season to the Phoenix Suns but remains a formidable force in any team. He's also set up a company to look into property development which will look out for his interests once he retires.

9. Ronaldinho ($31 million-Football- His skills on the football pitch will attest to his reputation as one of the biggest players gracing the sport. Thanks too to endorsements from Nike,Lenovo and Pepsi which have seen him earn his way on the list.

10. Michael Jordan ($31 million-Basketball)- one of sports biggest icons is still counting his money to the bank. Even after retiring from active play 4 years ago as well as a messy divorce he can still endorse and assure you of a good sale of your product. He was and still remains one of Nike's biggest sports personalities.

Kenyan sportmen better be reading this. Next time I'll need to see one of you there. Yeah it's a thought !



How come I dont see any of your "much celebrated Kenyan athletes" on that list...or are they in the top 100 bracket...of shooting arrows.

Anyway, this top 10 - 100 lists are all what if mr. x is paid millions to shoot a ball or to punch someone in the face...he may be rich (for now unlike Mike Tyson) but he may never be the one to write the cheque; and so to some extent the sporting world lacks that progression, to as it were, the completion of the full circle from player to manager cum stakeholder...and thats the US we are talking about coz I really dont know where to start off with your brethren in the Southern hemisphere!

The Figure said...

FYI some of the retired guys on that list are making an impact on the corporate world though not as significant.
'His Airness' Michael J has a stake in the NBA team Charlotte Bobcats.
Michael Schumacher also has roles in one of the Formula 1 teams (Ferrari) though it's not been revealed in what capacity.
Oscar 'Golden Boy; de la Hoya owns Golden Boy Promotions though he keeps drifting back to the ring as is apparent with the forthcoming fight with Floyd Mayweather ( Sept 08).
As you would notice most of their earnings are from endorsements, which the athletes ought to fight to have ownership options in the respective companies but as you say it's a capitalist world !
Some education should also be put into the heads of our athletes as evidenced with the free-spending life they have from unnecessary rides, big houses, high maintenance spouses and their amoral lives.
As for those down South,it will take maybe another generation to get to greatness & the fortune that follows. As a pal of mine says, 'until we can resolve problems relating to our stomachs, we can't think beyond that !

The Figure said...

In addition remember, as long as a sports personality is winning, then most brands will want to be associated with him/her. Once they hit the dirt or age out of the game or even worse get into some scandal, you're on your own ! Look at the likes of Marion Jones, Maradona or Shane Warne....did I just divert off main course ? It's the coffee damn !