Friday, 6 June 2008

Can our athletes be serious ?

After smarting from some competition in the African Athletics Championships,Kenyan athletes are back to the European circles, chasing the monies in Grand Prix events. Our Athletics Kenya-AK officials had handed a strict guideline after the championships stating that they would ensure our athletes stayed in camp for at least 2-3months prior to the Olympic Games coming up in August.
But after coercing by some top athletes who ought to be concentrating on national trials and careful training, they let them loose to Europe where the Grand Prix circuit started 2 weeks ago. Now don't get me wrong on this one. I have nothing against running in these events, one has to pay their bills and fend for family.
But let not the allure of the money ruin our chances of ultimate and more prestigious Olympic glory. After running in these events, most of these will suffer burn-out during the Games while our tactics will be all too easy to read.
I would have supported the earlier appeal by AK to have them retained at the national camp in Eldoret. We need to focus on the bigger picture( sounds so cliche !)man ! Can't our fellow Kenyans see this ?

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