Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Rugby Season- Anti-climax ?

Fans at the London 7s over the weekend.

From a computer game that we usually play at a favourite haunt, there is a saying one commentator makes, "sometimes you have them and sometimes you don't". This was the case with our boys at the 2nd last round of the IRB Sevens which is ending this weekend at Scotland.
London did not seem like the place to lose their mettle but apparently the confidence seems to have been battered and also there's a feeling of burn-out. To make matters worse, their counterparts at the 15-a-side game were torn to pieces by the Ugandan Cranes who pummelled them at the Kyandondo invitational.
That much said, they can rise to the occasion in the last game and look out for their best times closing the season at their best performance of 5th place which they ranked before the London series.

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