Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Englishmen in Russia

They say the ultimate for most sports is winning or being on top. Well, the English game has thus far come to 'win' us over. Today we witness two of the best English teams see who can get one further by winning Europe's most prestigious club league, UEFA Champions League.
Most of us will be glued to our screens , while others especially if your favourite team's among them will go to nearest watering hole to see it with friends and 'rivals'. The last few days has seen most local clubs prepare their locations for this game which crowns the European season as we wait for the Euro 2008 next month.
As I had said, English football has scored a victory here by bringing 2 teams to the Final (add a third which was eliminated in the semis). This is no wonder the English league has continued to attract huge viewership across the globe. But success as they say is won on the pitch. It will be sad that the English national team will not be at Euro 2008 ( ........see posts below)
. Though most football purists do not hold the national team in such high esteem, but that's for another forum.
May the best team win tonight !
- The winning team collects a Final's cheque of 7,000,000 million euros with cumulative earnings coming to a total of 39,592,000 million euros ( without the TV rights and sponsorship deals).
- This is the first Champions League final to be contested between two clubs from England, and the third time clubs from the same country have featured in such a match.2000, the final was an all-Spanish affair (Real Madrid beat Valencia 3-0), while clubs from Italy engaged in the 2003 final (AC Milan beat Juventus on penalties).

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