Monday, 26 May 2008

200 and coming out strong ......

I was reading one of my favourite articles in a paper the other day and the writer was celebrating his 620th article span over 50 years. That's one career to be made. As I write this, I'm also reminded of the person who introduced me to blogging ( God bless you with many more ideas.....L.L!)
It's interesting when you try engage in some work, at times you get appreciation, at other times criticism, other times no one even acknowledges you presence. But knock on wood every now and then. Keep your eye on the ball as coaches would say.
That much said, I'll continue blogging its an affair I started back in 2006 and it's slowly becoming a good habit or bad habit depending on which side you'd want to be. I'll strive to be as incisive as I can, not to write long blog articles when I can help it, not to be populist as some of our peers have become, never sensational while keeping it together for Sports!
Keep blogging , La Figaro !

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