Monday, 5 May 2008

English Finale

Back in 1985 during the final of the UEFA Winners Cup ( now Champions League, the teams playing then Liverpool versus Juventus had one of the worst tragedies in football fatalities and led to English teams being banned indefinitely (lasting 5 years).
Some deep soul-searching and infrastructural development needed be done to bring back the game especially to the European audience back to its fore. And the Football Association administrators made some deliberate changes which have since bore fruition.
As can be seen on the European scene, English club teams have made such an impact that in the last 4 seasons, the UEFA Champions League has had at least an English team featuring. This year now will be an all-English finale and I guess the Football Association chiefs are filled with glee at the mention of this !
What's even more interesting is the fact that the 2 teams involved in the Finale are also chasing Premier League honours with the title race almost down to the wire between the 2 teams and 1 rank outsider ( Arsenal 2005-06 Champion League finalists).
Whatever outcome the Final of the Champions League will be , you can be sure the English teams will continue being of major impact on the European football scene. As to whether this translates to the English national's been ..well, it's nothing writing about but let's see what Fabio Capello does with his new term as English manager.

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