Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Changing Face of Kenyan football

I couldn't believe it the other day when I was walking in the streets and my fellow countrymen are talking about Mathare United and Tusker FC. Now what was more interesting was to find them actually naming players in both teams. I could also say I was amazed to read our radio personalities as well as our TV journalists are taking within themselves to go watch the Kenyan football games live. Now that's progress !
What the live coverage from the DSTv did or whatever life has suddenly been blown into the game is quite refreshing. My only worry is that 2 of our national teams have been bundled out of continental championships, making it less attractive to watch these games.
It is good to see Kenyans are developing an interest in the local game. The challenge now goes to the teams to raise the quality of the game as well as develop some consistency. I also think the Stadia Management Board need get more stadia around the country back into playing fields. That way the game will actually reach its intended audience.
For those guys ( I might be a victim too) who usually follow foreign leagues with such intent, it's time we learnt to love our own. Though it ain't there yet, it's you and I who will prove the players and pay them for what they are worth. As for the radio personalities and other parties intending to watch the games, please let's spare our times from our crazy politics and crowded news field for more positive forms of entertainment.

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