Thursday, 17 April 2008

Schools Games extravaganza .....

As the first term comes to an end for the schools and most learning institutions, the ball games are underway, that's the National Secondary Schools Sports Association (NSSSA)Games. This is coming against a back-drop of little activity in most institutions since the disruptions of the last 3 months have meant not much learning has taken place.It is also a better and relaxing way to ease the tensions of the soon-to-be young adults.
I would also bet that the more innovative coaches and technical directors of ball games:- football, basketball,volleyball,handball to name but the least, should have the pens ready to mark out potential talents for their junior teams in the coming years.
I do not know but am sure there will be some coaches up there ( this year the Games are being held around the Central town of Thika). Basketball officials are already there hoping to get the team for the under-17 and also spruce up the coaching bench of the national team. I thought it was interesting having the Kenya Basketball Federation Chairman who also doubles up as the Principal of Maseno Boys High School, and is the schools basketball coach. Isn't it conflict of interest doing business with a Federation which you have a post in ? I must have sworn 2 players from the Maseno team have the Otula name( any relations ?). Just a thought !
I'm sure if I had the ability to be at more than 1 place at a time, I would be there for the weekend. But such is life, you can never get all you want !
Catch the respective games at the following venues;
Basketball: Mang’u, Trikha, Chania; Hockey: Mang’u, Thika High; Swimming: Imani School, Cross-country: Mang’u, Sevens Rugby: Mang’u Decathlon: Thika Stadium.
For the year, Brookside increased their sponsorship for the games from last year's KShs.4 million by adding another million to total Kshs.5 million. I'll hope they can build a more healthy relationship and a bigger and deeper pocket.

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