Friday, 18 April 2008

Kenyan Sports Policy

Sessional Paper still gathers dust
For a country in its 45th year of independence, we still don’t have a Sports Policy. It sucks! I said it here before that sports practitioners; players, managers, entrepreneurs, and interested parties need develop this framework upon which sports in Kenya can build a firm foundation for this more than lucrative industry.
It may have been developed sometime back but I think these were just some hoodlums purporting to develop a paper just to please the Government of the day and try squeezing a shilling or two out of it OR it could have been what we would refer to as our ‘scholarly brothers’ who develop very good papers for intellectual discourse but when we get to implementation, nothing ever moves.
With the new dispensation/mandate, I think it’s fair for us sports people to stake our claim in the process of national reconciliation and healing. We can do this by developing an all-inclusive sports agenda for this country which will mark it as a model sporting nation in this part of the world.
We can also turn a new leaf on most of our sports activities where we seem to have continual problems. This is never too late as can be seen in some of the major sporting nations which have come from serious socio-economic alignments, let’s check some Balkan states, Czech Republic, Croatia, and even current Asian Cup winners Iraq!
It can even be incorporated in the Brand Kenya work that will seek to sell Kenya as a viable destination not just for its game but also for its varied sporting disciplines and venues as well as investment options.
Over to you industry players!


DataMiner said...

I was actually privy to a series of talks that worked on this draft sports policy in 2003. The sessions were sponsored by UNDP and they ensured all round representation from ministry officials, NOCK officials, KNSC officials, marketers, businessmen and other interested parties. It was actually a well thought out paper. The problem I heard afterwards was that the hierarchy envisaged in the paper had KNSC at the top. So in the end this paper was given to them and together with the then minister for GYCSC, they proceeded to butcher it. Maybe that's why they are afraid to table it...

DataMiner said...

TM, what do you think of the 1M per constituency offered by Kimunya yesterday? Is this part of the said policy or just something he thought up? Off the top of my head, that amount will be consumed immediately by any attempt to set up an administrative structure, and God forbid it is handed over to the CDF committees to manage!!

PS: Thanks for the regular referrals btw.