Monday, 7 April 2008

Kenyan Football: TV rights maybe the remedy

Starting the past weekend, Kenyan football games had a first with the games from the local Premier League beamed for the first time across the continent thanks to our South African brothers SuperSport.
With our local media stations having given the game a wide berth, as well as not getting enough corporate sponsorship to attract any meaningful financial impetus; the SuperSport firm decided to raise the stakes just a tad bit high. My thinking though was that with GTV coming in last year and already making an impact in only its first year( note: they have acquired the Tanzanian, Uganda and Ghanaian local leagues + the CECAFA Senior Challenge Cup for 4 years). Thus SuperSport had to share the spoils and settle for the less dominant and controvery-ridden Kenyan Premier League.
What amused me over the weekend was the setback for local media stations which are used to taking 3-5mins clips and airing them at their sports news segments without any form of remuneration or even compensation to the league managers.One presenter even confessed that due to the acquisition of the rights to screen those select matches, the said station could not use the images at least till the next day ( no more freebies, huh !)
I'll say that's a plus for the local game. Listening to BBC over the weekend, I heard one of the interviewees, a local radio presenter ( who presents a breakfast show) say how her station is trying to give their support to the local game and what more than to show up for the games herself. She was seen last weekend but one at the national team's game and also last weekend's feature game between World Hope and Mathare United.
Now let's see what Kenyan marketing firms and major corporates are made off. And please KFF, keep off the cookie jar this once ! Pleeeaase !


DataMiner said...

I agree. Media rights are one way to put money into local leagues. Some of the largest leagues in the world, e.g. The Rugby Super 12 now 14 was founded only after media rights were sold!

The Figure said...

Yeah, and I hope other sports federation are taking notes. But when shall our local media stop shwoing us all the political shenanigans and soap operas for more entertaining sports action. GTV,SuperSport, Nation anybody ?