Friday, 15 February 2008

Kenya Rugby takes a quick upturn !

I'd almost posted an article a week ago to admonish our rugby players and say this or that about prevailing circumstances. Wrong move !
I'd to take appreciation and feel honoured as I saw the same guys post a hiding to top IRB 7s teams such as England and Argentina. It was not lost to some observers that they had performed dismally at the Wellington 7s in New Zealand a week earlier. Given that and the current low morale among locals due to political issues bugging the country, it was their chance to rise to the occassion.
That they did and I was so proud to see all those Kenyans abroad and other fans rally them to an amazing semi-final place against top dogs New Zealand. The fairy tale had to come to an end and they even lost the shield final. But it was not lost that these boys had given a good account of themselves.
Our boys had to endure some humiliating moments when the England team refused to share a dressing room with our brothers ( guess the activities of December were still vivid to some of those who had watched machete-wielding men run around parts of Kenya on the TVs).
In my small humble opinion, I'd say we'd need more sporting events to keep our countrymen together in these times that the country seems to hang on threads. I'll not be the pessimist but I feel the situation is still fluid. We'd be better placed to get on with nation building and get together as country. Sports does this in a magical way (am I repeating myself or something ?). I'd give examples like the Irish ( who have Protestants & Catholics swearing on each other but uniting to be nationalists during sports events), Iraq & Afghanistan where sports has helped provide some pride to their countrymen e.g. Iraq were crowned Asia Cup winners last year and for awhile the only gunshots were those of men celebrating their team's historic victory. Kenyans arise !
As for the next round in Hong Kong, godspeed patriots and keep our flag up there for the good reasons.
Kenya places 6th with 24 points on the IRB rankings just below Argentina with 24 points.

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