Friday, 8 February 2008

Kenya- Celebrity, Parody or Tragedy

For so long now, I had lost my muse and lacked the motivation to make any contributions on this blog. It never feels better when expecting the populace to rise beyond their primitive nature to be true patriots but again who am I taking about?
Well for those with a whole array of media-TV, radio, Net and any other information spewing tool, would know by now where Kenya is on the world map after the December debacle.
OK it maybe for the wrong reasons but my skewed thinking says it was a long time coming but for sure it had to come. While I’ll not dwell on the trivialities of what went won and what might still be going on, I’ll say it’s a time when all and sundry should sit, reflect and think seriously who we (here WE being Kenyans) are, where we are –having come through the times of our forefathers and where we maybe ( if we still exist i.e.).
I quote what an interesting speaker said sometime back, “Kenya as a country/nation has never been born. We’ve been at labour for some years now and while we may want to keep pushing the pains, nature will take its course and a time has come when we’ll either be delivered and be born or be still-born!”
Najivunia kuwa Mkenya!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Welcome back! I always liked your contributions and sharp comments.