Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Volleyball vestiges

After a woeful performance the Kenyan volleyball ladies come back to a quiet and disappointed reception. This is after winning ONLY 2 sets (even though it was loss in the game against Thailand) against an accumulated 33 sets (that is, 11 consecutive losses). I had said anything short of a miracle is what we were expecting from our ladies.

Some interesting bits for me though were the fact that the one player the officials had initially axed was to emerge the best Kenyan player and even getting the ‘Player of the Match’ award in the game between Kenya & Thailand. She had the best stats as a well-rounded individual.I guess she was trying to prove a point here.
I won’t dwell on what went wrong here but I wish to send barbs on to the Kenya Volleyball Federation officials on this one. They may try to put the blame on poor preparations, lack of resources and all that balderdash they keep using. But then again why are you in office if you can’t take care of some of these things? Kenya being in the World Cup for like the 5th time, surely this ain’t learning experience anymore. Make me shout myself hoarse for once and let me ogle at the ladies as they fly our colours in Japan (or wherever they decide to host future volleyball World Cups).
Are they taking notes? For starters, let me see the ladies in Beijing next year for the Olympics, and yes it’s not an easy trip !

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