Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Barry Bonds brawls

In what seems to keep coming back bigger and ugly, one of sports supposedly icons seems to be headed for the bins. After warding off the wolves from the lamb, the journalists and US public seem to be going for the kill on this one.
After managing to keep off the media and fellow sports practitioners from his life, they seem to have found the one knife that might do the most damage. In the last week, the court (finally) seems to have credible evidence proving that Barry Bonds –US baseball player who broke the home runs record of America’s beloved kid one Babe Ruth- may actually have been using performance –enhancing drugs for the last few years. What with the ever increasing weight and outstanding performance, it just can’t be your normal well-rounded player. He must be getting that from some place ……..!
For fear of sounding racist does it have anything to do with the colour of his skin? Anyway coming so soon from the confessions of a star whose smile endeared her to the world and made the US public believe she was innocent only to turn around on this and betray their trust. She could afford some tears claiming forgiveness but you and I know once you take the rope, you can hang yourself or the public domain does what it does best.....
It doesn’t make it better that the game needs one leading light to make an example of what ought to be accorded drug cheats of which there have been a few in this sport but none this big.
I am not advocating for drug cheats here, but why does it take this long for the various sporting bodies to catch the culprits? In any case, they usually have collaborators who live off them and move on to another individual once their moneybag dries up.
Or give it a thought, why not go the wrestling way, legalize and use at your own risk!

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