Thursday, 29 November 2007


It's not often that you find yourself part of the blame or the wrong side of the criticism. It's quite humbling though and enlightening to note that you can be questioned and taught to look yourself in the mirror. That's why I love this Age.
OK enough with philosophies, I have never covered some sports disciplines on this blog, my bad ! While I can't lay claim to being an all-encompassing sports blog, at least when and if I do cover some issues on sports in Kenya, they tend to mirror most if not all disciplines. Look at football, volleyball, rugby, swimming, cricket, the stories almost always carry the same note. But time has changed this and even the critique and incisive stories carried out by this and any other media has worked to some extent on the positive.
With your continued participation and more involvement, we look forward to a very successful sports year not just for Kenyan sporting disciplines but for Africa as well. I look to the day that Africa will have it's rightful place in sports. Football has shown this, with Africa being one of the largest beneficiaries from the expansion and commercialisation of the game. I can't even start with athletics. Rugby's another strong contender ( though it's largely one-sided). With this I keep reflecting and hoping for the Africa United Sports programme. Just a thought !

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