Thursday, 29 November 2007

Football Farce

Oh how I wish this was the same for Kenyan football .......

While it's been praises, song and dance for the Kenyan football, I am yet to feel any delight for the Kenya Football Federation. Kshs. 360 million is some money to be proud of you say ? But let me ask;
What history does the team have for managing the game professionally ?
What measures do they have in place to see the growth of the sport in the next 2-3 years ? ( Don't give me that technical director b******)
Do they have a competent commercial and finance department to see the allocation of the funds availed and have continuous flow of funds on an annual basis ( it's time we got over the FIFA grants, we need to be weaned off mama's breast-feed)
What measures do the clubs have to match the game locally ( to the standards they had in the 1980s), regionally and even internationally ? I don't recall a local team going beyond the knock-out rounds in the contintental trophies since 1994 when Kenya Breweries were beaten in the Finals of the Africa Cup Winners Cup(Mandela Cup) by DC Motema Pembe -Congo.
Is SuperSports for real when they say they will screen the games on DSTv ?I'll be waiting to sink in my seat when met with the possibilities in any club/pub/spot. If the local stations can't screen a single game what makes it attractive to put our woeful game across the continent ?
Am told the Federation does not have an operating account ? I'm not sure whether the signing parties to the contract are the bona fide officials.
Wow, I'm getting seedy here but man, I can stand by my sentiments !
Now if you thought I was bluffing, check this out,
For the story as reported on Newslines ;
Pan-African pay-broadcaster SuperSport agreed a four-year deal to sponsor the Kenyan Premier League. The deal is reported to be worth $5.5 million. The KPL said most of the money will go directly to the clubs and a distribution agreement will be worked out. The pay-broadcaster will also invest in infrastructure and personnel, will manage a new KPL website and will design a new logo for the KPL.

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