Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Rugby World Cup :Curtains about to be drawn

While two of my friends will be having an uneasy time as they watch the Final game of the Rugby World Cup being held in France, it will interesting to see who wins the bet. South Africa play England. As if knowing which teams would make it to the Final, one let's call him Shacusi boasted of the strength and depth of the South African Springboks while the other let's call him Rewadi ,quite literally wore the English game-shirt.
Well, given that some of the other favourites including, New Zealand, Australia,Argentina and hosts France have been bundled out ( Argentina play France for 3rd place or what is usually called Bronze Final.
I'll try hold my choice between the 2 teams as I weight the comments from my friends as each of them tries to convince me of the team's prowess but I'll yield at some point.
Game is on Sunday, be there !
BIG CORRECTION: The FINAL is on SATURDAY & the 3rd place game on FRIDAY. Apologies for any misrepresentation.


Simontm said...

HELP! My boss will be in Kenya on Saturday and he is travelling into the bush - is there coverage on the radio, if so what station and frequency? Also local TV?

Many thanks

The Figure said...

Hi Simon,depending on how far he will be from a town, most remote areas do have satellite TV,which I guess with prior arrangements can pre-record the game. If not,BBC 93.9 in Nairobi & surroundings & 88.1 in Kisumu OR RFI Afrique 89.9. All the best, and may the best team win !