Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Didn't I say so..?

Reading one of the dailies editorials yesterday made me think that someone had lifted a story out of this blog and sort of sugar-coated it to sound different and distinct. But since we are both in the industry of sharing and spreading information, then no daggers drawn. For us Kenyans, it's a time that we're taken on some 'paradise-to-be'journey by our politicians as they promise their countrymen this and that. Some even throw a few shillings here as they sponsor football and volleyball tournaments while others have suddenly remembered we have sporting heroes in our midst. Wow !
All I can say for now is that sports is bigger than any of those noisy,nosy Parkers and I throw enormous and chilli barbs at each of one of them....how I wish someone would make me wake in the middle of 2010 at some stadium in South Africa as I root for my country wearing those big straw hats and shouting myself hoarse as I join in the chorus of the day....(let's keep dreaming)
By the way , read this the editorial from yesterday's news at www.nationaudio.com (editorial,click on the left hand-side of the website at the homepage).

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