Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Motorcross in Kenya- Africa better recognise !

I like it when a sportsman is confident in what he or she believes is victory even when history is so against you. I remember a few days back when the captain of the Kenyan team to the African Motorcross Union held right here at Jamhuri Park ( tracks to be more to the point). He exuded confidence saying that he believes that Kenyan riders would give the continent dust to their faces.
Come Sunday and the riders did just that.
Kenya won 4 of the 6 categories, amassing 450 points beating Zimbabwe 364 and South Africa -364 points. They won in the 50,65,85 senior and open category.
Big thumbs up to the riders, Ivan Guya, David Bernardi, Tutu Maina, Cruze Mungai, Graham Lionnet, Tom Porter and most deservedly Anthony Nielsen.

Sad that the captain hang his bike and decide to let the young lads take over. Man the team is truly endowed for the future. Just do one more honourable thing, make noise and shout to the roof-tops about the sports. SportsKenya officially endorses you as the Goodwill Ambassador for Motorcross in Kenya and Africa too !

SideNote: I do humbly apologise to a 'person of letters'vll who REALLY LOVES Bikes, it slipped my mind .

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