Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Lack of seriousness….check that again!

I saw a piece of mail from one of the contributors on The Daily Nation’s column –The Cutting Edge. This is one piece I usually check out but at times do get really disappointed at the lack of information and depth in our arguments. People talking about names, use of words and other such irrelevant issues. I have tried to send and even reply to some of the stories but I guess my mails keep hanging in this our cyberspace (or does it go to Watchie’s bulk mail?)
Well my eye caught this one and I couldn’t resist the urge to set things straight. It was one Teddy Muthusi commenting on the lack of seriousness on the Ministry of Sports at what he termed ‘mickey-mouse preparations for the All-Africa Games where he said he saw the rowing team practicing in Kasarani’s Sports Centre’s swimming pool.
That much they did! But does he know that the team was in residential training at Masinga Dam (one of dams making the Seven Forks Dams Electricity Generation points)? Does he know that the Kenya Rowing Club held an international rowing competition in the said dam sometime last year? Does he know that there are 3 men and 1 lady representing the country in the discipline?
Also due to the growing population of Nairobi (like you and me) and the scarcity of resources, the best they could use as training grounds in Nairobi was the pool ( proximity and also residential camp for the national team) ? The Rowing Club had an office at Langata’s Nairobi Dam but I guess you’d know what happened….water hyacinth, stupid!
Check your facts and read the news before you start crying wolf!
Check the following website OR (Kenya Canoe Championships) website for more info and if not I can hand you a few snaps from Masinga. I happened to be there on another assignment and found the team there .I too was surprised at the preparations which I had thought would be mediocre. Though not at their best, they have made a huge step towards future success if they keep the focus and attract more talent.

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