Tuesday, 17 July 2007

(AAG) All Africa Games-Algiers 2007

Day 7:
It wouldn’t sound so bad when you get to know that Kenya’s representatives have been making exploits than never before at the Games in places you would least expect them. Cycling? Swimming? Yes you heard me right and it gets better, one was even a gold medal and the coaches tell us that three is another coming soon!
I covered this sometime on this blog asking which of the athletes would be considered as Kenya’s Top Sports Brands and one of the names there was the Dunford brothers, Jason and David. This is Kenya’s toast of the pool! And to prove it in 3 days Jason has claimed 3 medals (1 Gold and 2 bronze). The brothers are attending college in USA but have always carried the flag of their place of birth proudly and we can only give them more inspiration here at SportsKenya. This goes to show why the so-called ‘smaller sports’ should be encouraged gradually as the country hopes to add to its medals’ tally.
The traditional sports –athletics, boxing and volleyball have become quite competitive and we are not guaranteed any worthy medals anymore. Even anything from Abuja (2003) Kenya got ONLY 4 gold medals, 5 silver and 5 bronze. For a country priding itself as Africa’s powerhouse in sport that is despicable !That’s why when I hear a rider by the name Christopher Froome record 2nd position on the road races claiming a silver medal, I do a little victory dance on the street.
The AAG Kenyan team manager one Eng. Maurice Aluanga said, “Whenever the national anthem is played and the Kenyan flag is hoisted in international competition, it does not segregate between sports and small sports”.
On Sunday, the Paralympians claimed 3 gold and 2 silver. The ladies basketball team is yet to lose a game (as of Monday when they play Nigeria), volleyball (both men and women) have lived up to their billing while 4 boxers seem to be going for nothing short of gold, we ain’t even started yet on athletics! I’ll keep my small count. Keep yours and let’s compare notes as we close in Games on Monday, the 23rd of July at the July 2 Stadium in Algiers, Algeria.

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