Thursday, 5 July 2007

Ethiopians show how it’s done

For a long time, the nemesis of Kenyan athletics has been at it more often than not proving us to be minions in the field. I always get amazed that over the last many years the Ethiopian team to such championships as Olympics , All Africa Games numbers less than 20 but when the medal haul is counted ( note the more the Gold medals the higher your position on the roll of winners), they end up having more than Kenyan athletes.
Well seek no more, starting today the Daily Nation will serialize the force behind the Ethiopians – The Untold Story. This is done by a seasoned hand in sports coverage in Kenya one Elias Makori.

You can access the story on start with a feature on Meseret Defar ). This will highlight among others on the Ethiopian legends, their training regimen, their way of living off the field, money making and the 2007/8 season

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