Thursday, 5 July 2007

Cycling -Kenyan perspective

As the All Africa Games get underway later this month, I couldn’t help but seek other fringe disciplines to look out for, I have followed an interesting one here, cycling. I love cycling and any male guy ( oops let’s just say individuals !) who experiences riding a bicycle it’s one of the most relaxing and best ways of keeping fit in this crazy lifestyles of ours. China has their workforce going to work on bicycles to ease traffic and pollution in the urban centres.
Well, I have seen that the Kenyan team will consist of 3 individuals who will hope to represent the country on the road races in such of the elusive gold medals. A reasonable team and more able would be around 6-10 riders but again as I said in a blog below, they have all these cost-cutting measures.
I remember some Games they had been participating (Commonwealth or Olympics) where they were given the wrong bikes only for a well-wisher to come to their aid in the nick of time, while another incident had the brothers try to train on some highway only to be arrested by traffic cops on patrol!
But I couldn’t help but think, why can’t they recruit some of the boda boda riders from the Western region of this country? These our countrymen have enjoyed this as a source of livelihood and also an alternative form of transportation especially on the plains where it’s reasonably flat areas. I have also noticed the spill-over effect of these guys into other major towns such as Nakuru, Thika, Eldoret among others.
If we were serious about our sports, we could come up with a framework where can take up a sample size and put them into a training regimen to improve on their skills and also hone their talent. A provision of better training equipment and cycles would be in order too. It would be fair to say that most would be only too willing to jump onto those pedals. Let’s just say that they would be a thrill to watch once taken through such a scheme. Who knows we could be holding a great Greg Lemond or Lance Armstrong (both multiple Tour de France winners)
But then again I maybe just dreaming….!

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