Friday, 29 June 2007

FIFA does have heart

I had reported sometime back about the proposed ban on FIFA sanctioned games at high altitude in parts of South America. This had caused even Heads of States of Bolivia,Colombia,Venezuela among others to come out opposing it.
FIFA Pres. Sepp Blatter acknowledged their pleas and is due to re-consider this. He hopes to raise the controversial altitude limit from 2500m to 3000m.
Interestingly one of its most vocal opposers Pres.Evo Morales convinced FIFA to allow games to be played at La Paz which is Bolivia's capital city 3600 metres a.s.l-(above sea level). He even had to visit FIFA offices in Zurich this week to be able to get audience with FIFA top officials.
I admire this guy's drive to rally opposition against this. As I said before let the game be played whether on the moon or underwater. Those restrictions will only interfere with what is the people's no.1 game choice.

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