Friday, 29 June 2007

All Africa Games 2007: Updates

We all like it when there's something positive happening to our sportspeople. I find it interesting when major corporates fall over each trying to fight to sponsor this or that. At the end of the day though our sportsmen and women have to be paid their worth for bringing repute to this nation.
Three companies have already committed in cash or kind to help the All-African Games team to Algiers later next month. They include Sameer Africa which has donated balls worth KShs.30000 to the basketball team (& added KShs.1.5 million for Yana Women's Basketball team, KenChic which has contributed its products to help feed the team as they prepare and also Farmer's Choice which has ensured the sportsmen/women have their meaty breakfast (with sausages,bacon and other such products).
Word of caution though ! Well it maybe good contributing to the team while they prepare, let's ensure that we have annual and regular camps for our sports personalities where they can train as a team,meet and exchange ideas while they also work out modalities of rewarding accomplishments and ensuring future good performances.
Much appreciation though to all those supporting the team !

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