Thursday, 17 May 2007

New Wembley Stadium -Interesting Facts

Yup even as we keep messing ourselves (Kenya) there are others who are keeping it real. The English know where they are and what they need. The Wembley Stadium-one of the world's most popular football stadiums. I found some interesting facts on new stadium that is expected to host the weekend's FA Cup Final between Chelsea and Manchester United.

After a six-and-half years' wait, the stadium is set to host its' first major game (as stated before). This was after a decision was made to expand it from the previous 79000 -fan stadium to the current 90000 seater.
The stadium also has 688 catering facilities,2618 toilets a 133m arch with 107 steps to the Royal Box ( where they make the ceremonial presentation of the FA Trophy every end of the English season by a member of the Royal family). The stadium also prids itself to have no obstructed seat with the fans having maximum full view effect at the stadium.It also has the world's longest single roof structure at 315m.
After the FA Cup Final there will be the Football League play-offs and also a June 1st friendly between Brazil and England.
As they have said , 'good things happen to those who wait'! This is going to be truly a Stadium of Legends !

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