Thursday, 17 May 2007

FIFA vs Kenya-who's fooling who ?

As I write this, FIFA has issued another warning to the Kenyan football fraternity threatening to suspend Kenya for another one year for what they say is government interference. Awhile ago I had read that FIFA's Presidential Special delegate one Mr. Jerome Champagne had instructed the government not to interfere with scheduled branch elections and those for national office too. I mean this guy acts as the prosecutor and judge for FIFA's president Sepp Blatter. Going by the fact that Blatter's up for re-election, I don't like the Kenya's situation.
But FIFA should also acknowledge that it's rather pointless working with a bunch of buffoons who are out for the quick buck. They should also know there is no way you can overlook the legitimacy of a government. It invests on the infrastructure such as stadiums,training grounds,among others. If I read well, according to some story in the Time magazine (May 7th), all stadiums currently in the English Premier League had to be re-developed in the early 1990s to help attract bigger crowds and also to ensure safety and comfort for the faithful fans. The British government even went to the extent of funding some of the work done. I guess we can all see where they are now. It's the most successful domestic league in the world currently raking in revenues to the tune of £2.5 billion(approx. KShs.325 billion) for the 2005-06 season.
In Kenya, KFF is housed under Government-run Nyayo National Stadium. Almost all the main grounds are run by the Government-run Stadia Management Board. Also for the League to be able to run its clubs, the Government will have to provide a Fund of some sort. But from the set of officials currently in office, it's like betting money on some 15-year old horse ! In my own wicked opinion, I feel that Kenya should be suspended for at least 3 year so that we can sort out these messes ( remember the English teams were banned for 5 years in 1985 after 38 fans were killed in a match between Liverpool-Juventus. Right now that same team is featured in the Champions League Final hoping to secure the title again after the 2004-5 season)

So KFF should either style up or shut up !

On a quick update, FIFA has pledged to support of $165000(approx.Kshs. 11000000)to the KFF Premier League to help strengthen the clubs. This was reported by FIFA development officer Mr. Ashford Mamelodi saying this will be spread over 3 years and is meant to help clubs purchase equipment,sponsor training courses and provide information, communication and technology support.
Are these guys for real ? That money is enough for a single club to fund around 2-3 months operations without budgeting for some essentials such as management's remuneration. That's a pittance for assistance ! We should stop accepting such hand-outs and tell FIFA to get tough with officials before committing peanuts to the clubs.
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bankelele said...

FIFA should let Kenya sort out its soccer affairs. Kenyans acknowledge that the sport ha been mismanaged and want to put the house in order. It is wrong for FIFA to interfere, by inferring the government is interfering. Better the devil you know & understand

The Figure - TM said...

Thanks Bankelele for your comments ! It's true FIFA ought to give Kenya some space to iron out the issues. They ought to know that we have a legitimate Govt in place and there is no way they operate like they are some overbearing master.
Keep 'em comments coming !