Tuesday, 15 May 2007

NBA Play-off updates....crunch time's a coming !

Well it's an interesting twist on events ! Phoenix Suns have managed to level San Antonio Spurs best-of-seven series Western Conference with a win yesterday 104-98. This is going to be interesting for the Suns as they try to upstage the Spurs.

In another game, Cleveland Cavaliers sneaked a quick basket to take the series at 3-1 (87-85 victory) over the New Jersey Nets.
In today's games Detroit will look to end the series with a victory over Chicago while Utah will hope to finish off Golden State. But I'm sure there might be a suprise or two ! The Conference Finals ought to be serious fights of supremacy as each of the final teams look to out-do each other. Are we looking at some re-alignment of the strong teams? Is it possible that there will be a new NBA Champ from a previously unheralded team? Keep watching ....NBA...it's fan--ta--stic !

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