Thursday, 9 August 2012

David Rudisha shines for #TeamKenya with New World Record na Viatu vinang’ara na KIWI!!!

One of Kenya’s biggest athletics hopefuls finally took to the track at exactly 2200hours and what a spectacle it was. Leading from the front, David Rudisha proved why he’s the reigning world champion and the world record holder to boot.
He managed to beat a host of athletes from other countries including Abubakar Kaki – from Sudan and local athletes Timothy Kitum to take gold in a world record time of 1 min 40:91secs. This is truly one of the most outstanding performances by any of the athletics Olympians not just from Kenya but for Africa too.
David Rudisha proves once again why Kenya is still one of the leading lights in matters athletics and what it means to be a champion. Keeping it neat and tight at the front and always looking to be in charge of the race. Of course this is in keeping all major titles from African to World and now Olympic titles, strapped in the boots.
Talking of boots, we know how David Rudisha has managed to stay in tip-top condition and become not just a winning athlete but also a role model to his fellow countrymen. When it comes to staying crisp and sharp, we saw what he can do during the IAAF World Athlete of the Year Awards held in Monaco in 2010...(as well the Kenyan Sportsman of the Year) If the cameras had zoomed in closer and further down his lithe self, they would have captured his smart designer shoes of course shining courtesy of Kiwi.  
Over the years, Kiwi shoe products have become synonymous with the way one stands out.
David Rudisha - Image courtesy of

It is often said that most ladies will pick out a man from the way his shoes look like. What better way for a man to get his shine on by picking on any of the Kiwi brands.  
With a wide range of polish solutions from the evergreen shoe polish, shoe wax which is meant to enhance the look of your valued shoes and leather products. Whether it’s your weekend boots, or the handy leather lap-top bag and belts as well as other leather accessories, Kiwi products are sure to make them last longer and look sharper. And even for your running and fitness sneakers and rubbers, there is Kiwi cream to make sure you look good when practicing those hamstrings and stretching the muscles.
Going back to the Olympics, we have seen many stars coming out to win their country medals. This is not only a personal victory for each athlete; it is also victory for their countries too. These victories serve as a major inspiration to the upcoming and young athletes. We have all seen how meticulous those in the disciplined forces take to shining their shoes. It reflects a lot not just the person’s personality but how good their character and potent they may possess in serving their nations. David Rudisha is one such person representing the Kenya Police.
Rudisha and his ilk will surely inspire the next group of athletes to compete in future Olympic competitions. This will be with their way of showing not just the young ones but also the rest of us what it takes to be a champion. Their track exploits go beyond the races into their way of life. Serving as role models in every other sphere is truly the making of a champion.
And for champions there is always the need to have trusted brands grooming your every road to success. Kiwi is the way to shine and David Rudisha shines for #TeamKenya!

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