Friday, 24 August 2012

Mararal Camel Derby - Good but it Can be Better

One of the unique events that Kenya has hosted over the years is back on our calendars again. The Mararal Camel Derby going through the sunny and sandy parts of Northern Kenya from 24th- 26th of August.With discovery of oil deposits and the division of the country into counties, the Northern part of Kenya has suddenly been thrown into the spotlight both locally and internationally.

Mararal Camel Derby - image from
The Camel Derby has always attracted many riders from across the world from as far as Australia and countries in the Middle East  to South Africa, Mexico and China which have camels too. There is also the locals looking out for a fun event and also a way of interacting with the visitors. It has also attracted Kenya's Tourism Board which also gave a sponsorship cheque - a good step forward.
It is a great way of improving Kenya's sports offering and sports tourism is still one area that has not been fully exploited. Concerned authorities need to engage more with sports federations and sports stakeholders in exploring such events which are a major milestone in the country's sporting calendar. It will also be interesting to see how the new look county governors will seek to invest or re-invest in making the Derby and such other events benefit the locals and reach out to attract more visitors.
For that weekend outing out of town and not your usual event, pack your bags and buckle up for the ride on the desert ship. More details on Mararal Camel Derby here and here

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