Thursday, 5 July 2012

Olympics 2012 - Lest our Sports Personalities forget...

Early last week, Kenyans were shocked to learn about the alleged stabbing of a woman by world & Olympic champ Ezekiel Kemboi. This was a few days of easily qualifying for the 2012 London Olympics starting in a little under 21 days.
Podium Finish

For many it was not the best news that we would be listening to hoping not just attend but also defend its place as one of Africa's leading nations in terms of medal hauls.
Experts, lawyers and other 'public opinion experts' are still weighing the news of what actually transpired last night. And though we may not be the best-placed authorities in this case, we do hope that Ezekiel Kemboi is cleared and does get to compete for gold in London.
This case evokes of the memories of the sad end-tale of Samuel Wanjiru who was found dead at his residence after an alleged scuffle with his wife and another female companion.

What these two cases show us is the fact that athletes and sports personalities not just here in Kenya but across the world are human just like the rest of us. What distinguishes them from the rest of the population is their achievements which do count for much more than they would think or believe. It is in that light that they should bear the burden that society puts unto them and try within their confines to be the moral barometers of the populi. We have seen many come and be disgraced in sport for their actions in and off the court, pitch or tracks - be it from cheating, petty crimes to the more serious ones of assault, or even death as we have seen.
Lest they forget, the spotlight shines on all of us BUT is shines more brightly once we raise you on the medals' pedestal!

Let's not dim it any time too soon...

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