Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Kenya Basketball's revamped website

In these times that Kenyan sport is slowly taking different forms of transformation both offline and online, it is fair to applaud the steps taken by various sports federations in the country. Kenya Basketball Federation's officials have decided to take their game online and through the revamped website,  hope to appeal to a wider audience of the basketball game in Kenya and around the world.
Screen-shot of the revamped Kenya Basketball Federation website

This is a positive step forward for the officials who were elected to fresh mandate in KBF elections held earlier this year. This platform should the springboard for a final take-off of the game. This is after the #FridayNightBasketball (with CodeRed Basketball) breathed a new lease of life to the game since last year. This year it still attracts crowds but the other weekend games are yet to make any significant numbers. The game is also in dire need of corporate sponsorship not just for the League(s) but also for some of the teams who barely make it from game to game.
The game also needs some funds to be able to expand its outreach to other urban centres which see just a fraction of the League action while there should be continuous regional leagues. With the county system of government coming to effect, this is an idea the Executive Committee ought to look at.
But for now, we at SportsKenya applaud KBF for the baby steps towards the realisation of the game's success in the country.

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