Friday, 25 May 2012

ZUKU to air 2012 Samsung IAAF Diamond League Athletics series...

Diamond League logo - courtesy of IAAF
As part of improving its sports menu, Zuku has confirmed that it has live broadcast rights for the 2012 Diamond  League sponsored by Samsung ( now in its 4th year of sponsoring the League). With the Diamond Series having a total of 15 Grand Prix events which started in Doha on 11th May traversing various American, European and Asian cities with the final event being held in Brussels on 7th September 2012.
These Grand Prix events will be used by many athletes to warm up for the upcoming Olympic Games in London from July to August. It will also serve as great breeding grounds for upcoming talents for which Kenyan and African athletes have continually dominated especially in the middle to long distance races. The same will go for individual rivalries being settled by the cut of the tape. Further enticement from the organisers is breaking of world records in the individual disciplines for the favoured athletes.

ZUKU logo - courtesy of
Entertainment for you the discerning athletics fans and watching audience of ZUKU programmes will be happy to note that the likes of Usain Bolt, David Rudisha, Vivian Cheruiyot, Pamela Jelimo have already run in the first 2 events and shall surely be part of some if not a fair share of the GPs.
As Hannelie Bekker -MD Wananchi Programming ( ZUKU) aptly put it, "ZUKU is proud to be broadcasting the 2012 Samsung Diamond League and proud of Kenyan athletes. They are some of Africa's brightest stars..."

The remaining Grand Prix events in the Diamond League series to be screened by ZUKU are as follows;

  1. 31st May : Rome - Italy ( 2000 - 2200 hours Local East Africa time)
  2. 2nd June: Eugene - USA ( 1130 - 1330hrs)
  3. 7th June: Oslo - Norway ( 2000 - 2200hrs)
  4. 9th June: New York - USA ( 1500 - 1700hrs)
  5. 6th July: Paris - France ( 2000 - 2200hrs)
  6. 13th July: London - England ( 1900 - 2100hrs)
  7. 14th July: London - England ( 1500 - 1700hrs)
  8. 20th July: Monaco - Monaco ( 2000 - 2200hrs)
  9. 17th August: Stockholm - Sweden ( 2000 - 2200hrs)
  10. 23rd August: Lausanne - Switzerland ( 2000 - 2200hrs)
  11. 26th August: Birmingham - England (1500 - 1700hrs)
  12. 30th August: Zurich - Switzerland (2000 - 2200hrs)
  13. 7th September: Brussels - Belgium (2000 - 2200hrs)

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