Monday, 7 May 2012

Sean Cardovillis decides to return home to Kenya

One of the biggest names in sports-casting for FM radio back in the late 1990s and early 2000s, Sean Cardovillis is set to return to Kenya soon. After setting up shop in the scenic island of Seychelles with Paradise FM, this sports-caster who was one of the talents formed at the iconic Capital FM 98.4, he seems destined to make a re-entry into the Kenyan scene.
With the media industry suddenly expanding from local outfits eager to improve on their editorial content as well as international media houses setting up in Kenya such as SuperSport, Sean's skills will definitely come in handy for his knowledge in sport and experience too.
In a status update on his Facebook page, he said " Today I have officially chosen to not renew my contract with Paradise FM, Seychelles. Destination 'Return to Kenya'...details soon"

We wish him well as he comes home to the Kenyan soil.

In case you didn't know his cousin Charles Cardovillis is the Assistant Manager of the Kenya 7s team which he played for too in the last decade.

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