Tuesday, 31 January 2012

National Lottery - Part of the Solution or Problem?

For the longest time, the idea of a National Lottery has been floated to help national sports committees to secure additional funds for preparing those teams out to represent the country in regional, continental and international circles.
Such initiatives have been done in more developed economies like the UK's The National Lottery or even the Nigerian one National Sports Lottery which was plagued by controversy after listing in Nigeria's Lagos stock market.
Lottery Balls- image courtesy of www.lotterywinningstrategies.org

These initiatives are usually done with the best of intentions but at times the role of these bodies becomes more intrusive than helpful to the development of sport. As noted in the Nigerian case, corruption and non-payments to creditors and winners may result in hurting the sports industry.
Others have said that lotteries are some form of 'legitimatised gambling' which milk out low earning people in the economic strata.
Well the jury's out there on what role and how this would portend for the Kenyan situation. But while the Government dilly-dallys with this process, there's already a private company undertaking this ( Gaming International). Here's an interesting piece on Gaming International's operations in Kenya.

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