Tuesday, 24 January 2012

2012 - Great Sporting Year Ahead

Well the Mayans seemed to have worked their calendar to say that 2012 would be the end of the world. In the entertainment circles there's even a movie titled 2012. Others have said that this is bound to be a ground-shaking, earth-moving and all those big words for the rest of humanity in the world. We at SportsKenya say this is going to be one helluva an year thanks to some big sporting events in addition to the usual sporting events held annually taking place.
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First up we have the Africa Cup of Nations which is currently going on in Equatorial Guinea and Gabon. The continental challenge may be without the big-wigs ( Kenya too) but there is always bound to be one shining star and new talent shining for Africa's own. Sadly this will be the last time the event is held on an even-year since CAF and FIFA agreed to change this to an even year, starting with 2013 (which originally meant to be hosted by Libya but South Africa seem to have sneaked this one easily).

UEFA European Football Cup
Well this is when the national teams from Europe congregate to crown the best in footballing talent from there. With some of the players nursing injury and with their clubs hoping not to aggravate it further, Europe will hope to see if current holders Spain still have it takes to retain the title. The usual pre-tournament favourites will be named but competitive as it is, suprises NEVER CEASE.
Football lovers across the world will be rubbing their hands with glee for the offering of not one but two contiental tournaments ( of course with the usual Champions League, domestic leagues to name but a few).

Olympics & Paralympics 2012
This is the big one! Coming to you from London, land of the British empire and home to the most pretigious monarchy in our living times. Yes Kenya being a former colony of the British are relishing a chance to show their former masters with matters to be taken on the tracks, pools and fields. The Britons will be hoping to outdo the Chinese is staging one of the best Games in a long time which is a tough call given the current economic crisis still shadowing most of the Europe as well as security risks which have become part and parcel of our every day life in the recent past.
The lucky charm though is the 60th anniversary of their beloved monarch in the name of Queen Elizabeth the 2nd ( who also shares some special heritage with Kenya having ascended into being Queen while on holiday in some nice recluse in the Central part of Kenya).

Well whichever sport it is that you follow, be rest assured we'll try our best to keep you abreast with what will happen, behind-the-scenes issues, facts as they ought to be and enjoying it while at it! Happy 2012!

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