Friday, 11 November 2011

2014 World Cup in step at a time...

Kenya's baby steps to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil starts in the next few hours. Yes we have a new 'sheriff' in town by the name of one Sam Nyamweya, yes the form-book tells us that we shall make it to Group qualifying stages and yes we also have a 'new coach' to boot...
Well, given the haphazard we have managed our football affairs, we have the PERFECT opportunity to paint a new picture and write history all over again.

FACT: No Eastern Africa has ever been represented in this global festival of sport. We would love to give all excuses and we also know the reasons but we can't afford that now.

FACT: In the 2010 World Cup qualifiers, (CAF) Africa zone East African states performed so dismally landing the bottom-places for those that were in the Group stages. Kenya finished with 3 points (eventual Group B winners were Nigeria with 12) while Rwanda had 2 ( Algeria won Group C with 13 points) and Sudan had 1 point (Group D's winner Ghana had 13).

FACT: There will be 52 countries fighting for 5 places. Of course with Africa's 'dismal' performance, the extra 6th place which had been granted (thanks to South Africa hosting the tournament) seems not to be so urgent to FIFA's powers. What are our chances?

FACT: Kenya has had a different coach/team manager since 1995. Some of course come back in but there has never been any taking charge of the job for more than 12 months consecutively. Not that we are even close to their achievements, Germany has had 10 managers since 1928 2 years before the World Cup started...

We could go on & on but that brief record speaks you start your journey Harambee Stars boys, go out & show us the miracles CAN & DO happen!

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