Sunday, 5 June 2011

Gor Mahia hooligans need be DEALT WITH, lest KPL forgets

Lest the KPL Displinary Committee forgets, we need to act and act fast on the local league and in this respect fan trouble as clearly exhibited by the Gor Mahia fans. We have said this before that Gor fans do not hold a monopoly for cheering their team against any other fans across the country. That they have one of the leading clubs ( with some rich history resting on it) still doesn''t excuse their behaviours.
Not wanting to continue with the rants, KPL please save our game, our other fans and even our infrastructure from these people who do not respect themselves. It seems you are held ransom by some of the officials in your backyard who might have vested interests with the club (or perceived support from members of a certain community). Many suggestions have been made from docking of points, to fans being banned for 2-3 games which all sound good from where we stand.
Oh and Gor fans remember you have just secured a rather lucrative sponsorship deal for the next 2 years. I'm sure the brand managers are busy chattering away and hoping that it doesn't prove suicidal lest your drama continues...maybe there is even an exit plan and it might prove to be an option soon...

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