Friday, 11 March 2011

Sports Bill – Kenyan Cabinet makes landmark approval

For many a sports administrator and entrepreneur, the Kenyan sporting scene has for the longest time operated quite rudderless. In 2002 though a Sports Bill was drafted by some of the key stakeholders in sport with some involvement too from the legislators who felt it was about time sports management was more organised in the country.
Successive ministries in the then new Government came and went without having put the Bill forward for approval by the Cabinet and thus it almost became another piece for the Archives. However one of the pledges the current Minister made was to table the Bill for discussion by the Cabinet.
Now it may have been slightly overtaken by events and some of the aspects also may not have much bearing in sport for the country. By and large though most of the proposals made in the Bill will forever change sport for good.
These include;
  • -       Setting up a Trust Fund for development of sport through a national sports lottery;
  • -       Establishment of a Kenya Sports Institute;
  • -       Regulation of sports organisations ( federations, associations and unions alike);
  • -   Formation of a Sports Development Authority 

Hoping our heavily politicised legislators put the interest of the country, we hope the Bill shall get the necessary support (and maybe some meaningful amendments) and eventually pass into Law. They shall bestow to Kenyan sport a landmark law that will ensure our success locally and even internationally in the very near future.  

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