Friday, 25 March 2011

Kenya v/s Angola - Africa Cup of Nations : Last Nail in the Coffin ???

Its great to be patriotic and all but reality slaps you right back. This weekend international outings see Kenya hosting Angola at the jaded Nyayo National Stadium ( which shall have its sitting capacity ceiling at 20,000 for security and logistical reasons) for the Africa Cup of Nations qualifications.
Pulling the tail at the other end of Group J after 2 games, Kenya's qualifications chances look like they might either be done or be revived. Pitting the team against Guinea-Bissau, Uganda and Angola looked almost a battle between the latter for topping the group. But playing away to Guinea and losing ; drawing to Uganda at home shows the frustration and tough road ahead for the team.
Plagued also by the typical Kenyan management issues meaning that the team has played 2 games and a 3rd one under different coaches, along with a blunt front-line means it is not an easy outing. The pedigree from the Angola team cannot be overlooked but let's hope our Kenyan boys are not over-awed (Uganda handed them a comfortable 3-0 outing at home in Sept 2010.
With the Kenyan squad being  full-house on the day, there are no more excuses to hide behind. Get out, play your hearts out or this will be the last chance of making the continental challenge!

- Nyayo National Stadium has never been a favourite hunting ground for the national team. The venue seems to be jinxed, from fans and security issues to the often uneven playing field. The last good result being against Zimbabwe winning 2-0 in 2008.
- Which colour of jerseys shall the team be wearing this time? That has also been quite inconsistent though there's the white with red trimmings from Adidas ( we've never known the value of the sponsorship deal).
- Kenya fans have never had a rallying call for their national team in football. They've always aped their rugby ones and lack some identity. Anyone out there with some ideas? (& not the nonsense of ...mapambano,mapambano...)

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