Monday, 18 October 2010

Women's World Cup Championship - Can Kenyan ladies stop being the whipping kids?

After the Commonwealth Games next up is the Women Volleyball World C'ships to keep Kenyan sports enthusiasts engaged. Since the discipline is not part of the Club Games, the ladies have been away in a nondescript training camp where they have been after Sports Stadia Management Board locked them out of the Kasarani gymnasium.
When they were receiving the flag last week on Wednesday, we could not help but see that they maybe filling the slots and not be ready for the challenge. Even with the ladies having conquered Africa for the last 15 years both at national and continental fronts, on the global stage, it is a different preposition. 
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Poor Preparations:
Starting with a rather worrisome fact that they had to train in a secluded camp some place in the Central part of Kenya, the team has had some tough times. The team selection also raised eyebrows with some regulars such as Janet Wanja getting the boot apparently for disobeying team orders of travelling for club engagements without permission.
Technically we feel the team still doesn't have the bone to succeed in at least winning a single game at the outing. The Kenya Volleyball Federation has stuck to the local tacticians who with all due respect have just enough exposure at international levels. Contrary to what we had last time when we had a Japanese volleyball coach helping the team tackle some of those technical aspects, we shall rely on good old 'African power' to sail us through to the next round. 

Starting with the camp, the best the team can do now is maintain a tight training schedule and as much as possible draw inspiration from their Commonwealth countrymen and women who did the country proud. They might also want to borrow inspirational movies such as A League of their Own, Remember the Titans among others.
As much as we don't seem destined for the second and upcoming  games, the technical team should consult with the visiting squads' management for future exchange visits. Brazil is one country the authorities should consult; first because they have a well-developed local league, are among challengers in both regular and beach volleyball, are looking to host the 2016 Olympics and we have a good window of opportunity right there. The country has a well-developed sports policy and almost adoptable to the Kenyan case unlike more developed economies of Western & Eastern Europe.
Once back from the international outing, Kenya Volleyball Federation SHOULD look to strengthening the local Women's League. We wouldn't want a similar story to what happened to the men's game which is now just a past-time to most players having shown much promise in the 1980s only for the Government and Federation to watch it spiral out of control. Professionalise and make it viable for players to engage in the sport ( the Kenyan rugby 7s way if not better)
Enjoy the outing and avoid simple errors which lose the game(s). The power and stamina of the African woman should come into play and let it be your ace down the sleeve. We shall be cheering you on with every set won.
From the current rankings and group set-up we are skewed to lose 3 games and maybe just maybe win 2 games (against Czech Republic and Puerto Rico).  Our group includes;
- Brazil (among favourites for Finals)
- Czech Republic
- Italy
- Netherlands
- Puerto Rico

Pray you shall give us some fair stay in Japan and as they say すべてのベスト!


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SportsKenya said...

Thanks Ichimiki for the compliments. I assume yours Japanese blog (thanks to Google Chrome for translation). Nice work going there and hope to keep visiting the blog. Keep us posted on the volleyball tournament too and happenings around Japan - your country has played host to many a great talent from Douglas Wakiihuri, Philip Waruinge, Samuel Wanjiru & others.