Friday, 1 October 2010

Stadium Management assures Kenyans of good job being done...

On Wednesday the Sports Stadia Management Board  (SSMB) called media houses and other PR agencies as they sought to reassure Kenyans of the progress being made by the Chinese who are renovating the Kasarani Sports Complex ( aka the rather boring ,Moi International Sports Complex). The works shall cost the Kenyan taxpayer an estimated KShs. 900 million. It is scheduled to reopen mid 2011.
Chinese Contractors from Shengli Engineering Construction Co work at the Kasarani Sports Complex - Image courtesy of Nation Media Group 

The PR officer Rakki Asman was resplendent in a helmet as he took the team around the works being done on Kenya's premiere sporting venue. On paper all these works look great and shall go a long way in helping Kenya's case for hosting major venues. The downside is that we have not developed our own capacity for building such works and worse is that we ran down the grounds making them a pale shadow of themselves in the 1990s and early 2000s.
The Government decision to form the Sports Stadia Management Board in 2003 was a great decision and though they have managed to rescue the decline of 2 of Kenya's biggest stadia, they have not enjoyed much progress with the other grounds across Kenyan towns. A suggestion would be to invite bids for developing these grounds and eventually privatising them since the public corporation seems mired in less capital for infrastructural developments. Another alternative maybe is what the Government has started with Government paper and raise funds through the bond market and award contracts to interested parties; building the grounds before eventually releasing them to local authorities.
Whichever way we look at it, we SERIOUSLY NEED bigger and better grounds for our sports sector to thrive. And to quote Mr. Minister...'take sports as serious business'!

In Related News;
The Sports Stadia Management Board is calling for applications to fill the positions of;

  • Chief Accountant
  • Marketing Officer
  • Assistant Aquatic Stadium Manager (how many of these would we probably have in Kenya???)
  • Human Resource Officer

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